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5 Best Attractions In Milan

Planning your next vacation? Milan should be on the top of your list of must visit places. Milan is a busy city of banking, fashion, and business. The city offers the best combination of ancient architecture and modern skyscrapers. The city is popular because of its fashion retailers and Cathedral. There are some sights in the city that will make your stay a memorable one.

Take a look at the best places that you must see in Milan.

Milan Cathedral

One of the best places to see in Milan is the Milan Cathedral. To complete this beautiful Cathedral it took nearly 600 years.  It is a monumental building that is in the middle of Milan. The construction began in the year 1386 but was not completed until 1965. The front of the cathedral is appealing that has many towers, decorations, and statues. The interior of the cathedral has amazing stained glass windows with lots of colors. The cathedral has many artworks displayed along with well-detailed statues. No visit is complete without going inside the Milan Cathedral.

Leonardo Da Vinci National Museum Of Science and Technology

This museum is an important museum that has many great collections of Leonardo da Vinci. He was a legendary man who was an artist, inventor, and scholar. The museum has many other scientific and technological exhibits. Many collections are crafted from Leonardo’s drawings and sketches. In the museum, there is a myriad of model cars that were made from Leonardo’s drawings.

Piazza Dei Mercanti

In the Middle Ages, it was the center of the city. It was the center for trade markets and merchant activities. The Piazza Dei Mercanti is situated in the middle of the Piazza Corduiso and Piazza dei Duomo. There are many historic and important building here such as Pallaza della Ragione and Loggia degli Osii.  It has many monuments and statues, most of them are of Roman origin. It is a great way to learn about the history and see the old part of Milan.

Naviglio Grande

Naviglio Grande is one of the 2 canals of Milan. The canal extends from Ticino River to Porta Ticinese. It was constructed in 1177 and the work continued for many years. It is a great place for taking a walk that is surrounded by many restaurants, shops, and old buildings.

Moxy Milan

The Moxy is an affordable hotel in Milan that has four rooms. The friendly setting and a lot of character make it a great place for staying a night. The décor of the hotel is amazing because of the mixture of styles. The art deco with the touch of 70s vintage makes this place more attractive. The Brera district and artistic quarter are within walking distance from the hotel. The service of the hotel is exceptional and the owners welcome you warmly and provide you many sightseeing suggestions.

Overall, Milan is a fantastic place to visit in your vacations. The city is filled with historic landmarks and beautiful architecture. For arts lover, the museum of Leonardo Da Vinci is the best place to visit. This vacation head to the Italy’s capital of chic and have valuable moments with your family and friends.