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Buy audio cables in all shapes and sizes

If you are searching for cables that will work for many years, you might want to take a look at the extensive range of LivePower. They have hundreds of audio cables, such as the SpeakON cables, that you can buy online or in their store in Brussels. Are you putting together the music or video setup of your dreams? Then these experts will surely be able to help you with choosing the right products. They have multiple years of experience and knowhow.

The different lengths of SpeakON cables

With just speakers and amplifiers alone you will not get far. You will need a connector cable to connect the two and create an amazing sound. At LivePower near Brussels you can buy SpeakON cables for this exact purpose. These special cables are meant for bigger speakers that require more amps than smaller, line-level speakers. These famous cables can be bought in different lengths depending on how far away your speaker and amplifier are placed. The smallest size you will find in this store, is 2,5 meter. Other lengths in their stock are:

  • 5 meters
  • 10 meters
  • 15 meters
  • 20 meters

It is important to always doublecheck the website of LivePower to make sure they are available. Their audio cables are very popular and you will have to be quick to buy them. If you see that they are not in their stock, you can still order them and these specialists will make sure you get them as soon as possible.

Get discount on your cables

Are you interested to buy audio cables, such as the SpeakON cables? Don’t wait any longer and order them today! Sometimes they also give discounts on these cables. This way you will be able to buy quality products for a low price. For any questions about their sales, you can contact them by sending them an e-mail or by calling them.