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What office furniture should I buy?

It can be a minefield, if you need to source office furniture for your working environment. You can buy a desk for £100 or a desk for £10,000 and they more or less serve the same function. Both prevent your documents from falling on the floor, provide space for your phone, keyboard and monitor. The cheap desk may even come with a few drawers underneath the desktop. The expensive desk will offer you the option of buying a veneered pedestal with polished aluminium castings and a smart system that prevents it from tipping over. 


You may also be looking to purchase a desking system that ticks the boxes for all of your staff. It needs provide for flexible arrangements to utilise your space, needs to fit in to your desired interior design scheme, needs an easy cable management system and needs some sort of height adjustment to cater for the variation in your staff. Then you need to be looking for a systems furniture from one of Europe’s leading office furniture manufacturers


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Office furniture Glasgow


Desking System


The commercial interiors company Amos Beech acquired the Scottish office furniture manufacturer Samuel Bruce back in 2013. Both based in Scotland, it meant that the combined companies were able bring savings to their customers by reducing the length of the supply chain, without compromising on quality.


The new company SB Workplace has a wide range of office furniture, comprising Bench Desking, Collaborative Worktables, Managerial Workstations, Executive Suites, Meeting room tables, Boardroom tables and Break-out tables. All available in a choice of size and top finish including melamine, laminate and veneer. The range comes with various options of height adjustability, form so-called ‘set height adjustment’ to electric sit-stand desks with a memory button.




What applies for office furniture desks also applies for office seating. You can buy an office task chair for £50 or for £3,500. Both give you a seated height that more or less fits the height of your desk, both have a backrest and will probably have armrests as well. Both chairs may not comply with the basic DSE health and safety guidelines, not even the expensive one, because just like the luxury executive desk, it is designed to look good and not necessarily for functional ergonomics.


Amos Beech Commercial Interiors Scotland has a wide range of good quality office chairs from domestic and continental European manufactures that can tick all the boxes from a health and safety point of view as well as design and price.



Please feel assured that in the UK office furniture Glasgow industry there are suppliers that will do the utmost to establish your needs and will help you to make the right decision for your staff.