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Discover the benefits of a pesticide analysis of fruit

There are many reasons to have a pesticide analysis done on fruit or other food products. First of all, there is the legal framework. It is very strict, but there is a good reason for it. Pesticides serve to keep pests away from food during the growing process. The irony, however, is that too many pesticides are just not healthy. So it is very important not to not go over certain levels. If you want to be 100% sure, it is not a bad idea to call in a professional lab. If you would like to get some tips about that choice and an explanation why, then you should definitely read on.

Choose specialists with certificates

Labs that can guarantee accurate results get some certificates. Our tip is therefore to choose a lab that has the necessary certificates. Primoris is such a lab. They are approved by the Belgian Ovocom and the Dutch BIOKAP. These are just two examples from a long list. With their modern working methods and technologies, the lab staff can achieve results of a pesticide analysis of fruit very quickly. So it is certainly not a bad idea to use them. The specialist also noticed this in 2021, when there were over 15% more analyses and samples.

Ask questions

As a supermarket, it is very essential to have a pesticide analysis of fruit carried out. It is a good way of both promising customers complete confidentiality and covering yourself. If something goes wrong, you can always present the results. If you have any questions in connection with the analysis of harmful substances, the specialists will be pleased to help you. You can always contact their customer service where you can count on full support. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will know a little more about having a pesticide analysis done and why you should have it done.