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Gdynia: 6 places worth eating in!

Many places that you will find hot and spicy food around the world have a couple of things in common. Gdynia choices of cuisine contribute to the reputation as the region’s business hub. Gdynia has been touting ranges of cuisine, even before its sister cities had dreamt of such. Gdynia boasts of some of the best restaurants in the whole of conglomeration. There are dozens of excellent options you can choose, read on below.

1.    Nordic kitchen

Nordic kitchen digital interactive menu is a delightful experience which changes boring, traditional process of picking a dish to a great creative and fun way. They allow you to independently compose dishes, so everyone can find something for themselves. Their menu offers popular dishes like a burger, Caesar salad as well as Scandinavian classics like Swedish meatballs, Norwegian cod, and Danish Duck. The Scandinavian Kitchen is all about enjoying yourself with friends and family.

2.    Biały królik

Definitely one of the best in Gdynia, they have exceptional menu, beautiful and fantastic garden, great execution. Biały królik is a place you can go with your loved ones for great dinner, family lunch, and also a regular lunch. You should definitely try their 11 courses tasting menu! This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Gdynia and it is aprt of the courtyard hotel so you can stay the night if you want. 

3.    Good morning Vietnam

From their elegant dining to sophisticated, simple Vietnamese shop. Good Morning Vietnam is located in Gdynia on ul. Świętojańska, which is just a few walk down from Malika. Their pho soup, spring rolls, and beef, bun bo nam bo salad has something to do with the streets of Hanoi. If you have ever been to Vietnam, Good Morning Vietnam will help recall your trip to Vietnam. If you’re looking for authentic Vietnamese cuisine in a nice surrounding, visit Good morning Vietnam!

4.    Bar przystań

This is an absolute classic restaurant you should not miss. Do you love fish and chips then go here! They have fish, chips and salad with touches of beer or juice with a beach and sea view. Surely this is the place for you to enjoy the charm of Polish sea!


Trust us; you will inevitably fall in love with the Thai food here. Thai Thai in Sopot has great cosy interior, good service and Thais in the kitchen. Also note that this spot is sometimes always full, which makes this place not so impressive, because of the crowd.

6.    BULAJ

Bulaj is a bit like Bar Przystań, but different which makes them a real legend in cuisine. They serve their fish rarely in a simple seaside way. They have cod tartare, halibut with concasse tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes or a perch pike on barley groats risotto with mushrooms. This place is always overbooked on warm days, but they have chilling are for you and your loved ones so you can chill while waiting for lunch.

So there you go, though the local food in Gdynia is GREAT, we all need our home comforts from time to time. We hope this helps you to fill that hole in your stomach with something great.