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Save on transportation costs with a double deck trailer

Do you want to save on transportation costs and lower your impact on the environment at the same time? That is very understandable, but almost sounds too good to be true. Fortunately, it is possible by using a double deck trailer for the transportation of your goods. This innovative trailer can transport almost as much as two or three normal trailers can. How does it do this? By providing you with multiple decks to load your goods on. This allows you to make optimal use of the space. It is especially helpful for goods with a lot of volume, like mattresses. But it can also help you transport more goods in one trailer that do not reach the full height of the trailer. Think about lawn mowers with seats or other relatively small equipment.

Count on an experienced transportation company

You do not even have to buy a double deck trailer to be able to benefit from this innovative technology. You can already enjoy the benefits by counting on a transportation company that has a fleet of these trailers. Blankers Transport is such a company. Their experienced drivers load your goods onto the double deck trailer with the utmost care and make sure it reaches maximum capacity. They can transport double and triple stock cargos with this trailer. The goods are loaded onto a deck with a hydraulic lift. After the deck is full, it is lifted up to make more space underneath it. Once this space has been filled too, the upper deck is lifted into its final position for safe and efficient transportation of your goods.

Stay up to date on the location of your goods

There are a number of advantages to counting on Blankers Transport for the transportation of your goods. Not only do they enable you to make use of the innovative double deck trailer, they also allow you to track your transport. Their fleet is equipped with a route tracking system, so you are always up to date on the location of your goods. The trucks and trailers also have a state of the art alarm system that ensures the safety of your goods during transport. Do you want to make use of the excellent service this company has to offer? Contact Blankers Transport today and inquire about the possibilities for your transport.